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Get ready to dive into the pulsating heart of modern-day Belfast with Lucy McMullan's long-anticipated novel, "Belles of Belfast."


In this empowering and steamy tale, meet Anna - a freshly single woman navigating the tumultuous post-breakup landscape, armed with nothing but her wit and the desire to reclaim her self-worth.


Set against the vibrant backdrop of Belfast, Anna takes centre stage as the creator of the audacious podcast, 'Belles of Belfast.' Turning her dating woes into a public spectacle, she fearlessly shares her romantic escapades, creating a captivating mix of humour, vulnerability, and unabashed sexuality. Think "Sex in the City" meets "Bridget Jones" with a dash of the irreverent spirit of "Derry Girls."


Unlike typical Northern Irish narratives, religion takes a backseat in this metropolitan tale. "Belles of Belfast" breaks free from the shackles of sectarianism, presenting a refreshing, empowering narrative that transcends traditional divides. This contemporary story aims to inspire young women to embrace their lives with confidence, devoid of shame and full of self-love.


As Anna encounters an array of captivating men, the story takes a scintillating turn, delving into the realms of passion and desire. From the older, wealthier Mr. Millionaire to the enigmatic Mr. Mysterious, each character challenges Anna, leading her on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


Buckle up for a ride filled with steamy encounters that will make your heart race. "Belles of Belfast" is not just a novel; it's a celebration of femininity, resilience, and the unapologetic pursuit of pleasure. Lucy McMullan's storytelling prowess brings to life a tale that is as hot as it is heart-warming, as audacious as it is empowering - a must-read for those seeking a bold, modern take on love, lust, and self-discovery.

Belles of Belfast - Available 22nd June

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